zelda hair / @zeldahair wig brand
333 Albany Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11213

Those looking to mimic the tousled tresses of Adi Heyman, the sleek mane of Jeanne Grey, or the editorial work of Felix Fischer should head straight to Zelda Volkov’s stylish Brooklyn salon. The discreet, sun-filled space is run by a team of professionals who ensure a chic, natural finish on their unprocessed European hair pieces. A newcomer to the industry, Volkov is ambitiously rethinking the wig, from creation to cut. Handmade in Ukraine under her watchful eye, the product is designed to “allow you to express your true self.” Recent pop-ups in London, Miami and Los Angeles have created quite the buzz for the East Coast operation. But from the enviable look of their directional cuts, superior texture and signature air-dried waves, Zelda Hair is just getting started.


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