AUTUMN'S MODEST HERO PIECE Is the Menswear-Inspired Jacket

The fun of seasonal fad is to infuse personal aesthetic with prevailing trend; a wardrobe refresher that culminates with the sartorial collective. As autumnal tones supply new offerings, my vote for modest hero piece goes to the menswear-inspired jacket.

Both Fall ‘ 16 and spring ’17 runways flaunted masculine influences deeming this borrowed-from-the-boys (or Miranda Hobbes) topper both classic yet current, off-duty yet elegant. Whether paired with matched midi, adding structure to billowy maxi or simply empowering the basic tee or token slip, the sharp shouldered blazer is a choice mod-ifier and the perfect macho equalizer to feminine skirting. Update the eighties-inflected staple with clever, even quirky here-and-now styling (hint: guitar strapped satchel, velvet boots, reworked denim).

As showcased in ultra wearable, shining street glory, our round up of well-styled ensembles and choice shoppables aid in achieving the tomboy/cool-girl look.



topshop / balenciaga / isabel marant


  1. Topshop Unique Wycliffe double-breasted blazer ($500)
  2. Balenciaga Hourglass double-breasted checked blazer ($2,185)
  3. Étoile Isabel Marant Halden herringbone tweed blazer ($470)
  4. ASOS Workwear blazer in check ($81)

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